There are many management theories and models, but none is as actionable mainly because the theory that states that people happen to be born with certain qualities. In this theory, all of us are born with certain personality traits and cognitive abilities. This theory takes on that we are all born with specific attributes and styles. An innovator can use the characteristics of their design to better suit the situation. The other theory says that a person is certainly not blessed with several characteristics, although that the attributes that define command are passed down.

The a contingency theory posits that a very good leader adapts to any scenario and is a master of change. Great leaders adapt to the circumstance by discovering what type of followers they have and assessing the work requirements. This kind of theory state governments that people will follow a leader if the predicament requires that, and that rewards and punishments must be a reasonable and balanced combination. Alternatively, the life changing theory thinks that market leaders gain buy-in from followers by providing a good environment and interesting them in meaningful actions.

The 1st leadership theory claims that individuals are delivered with particular characteristics which will make them great leaders. This kind of theory suggests that some people will be born while using abilities to acquire, while others develop these characteristics over time. The other leadership theory argues that leaders need to be charismatic and have several personality traits. This kind of theory is actually a more controversial theory, but it surely has many proponents. In fact , this theory has also been modified to include girls as wonderful leaders, however the concept remains to be prevalent.

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